La Dea Skincare About Us

La Dèa honours every woman’s unique beauty.

Weaving La Dèa into your skincare routine serves as a reminder of your innate radiance, of your worthiness, and of the truth that you are deserving of nourished, glowing skin at any age.

In Italian, ‘la dèa’ means ‘the goddess’.

We are inspired by the empowering energy of mythological goddesses, embodying their traits and strengths into each of our skincare products.

Our philosophy merges our roots in traditional Eastern wellness practices with the innovation of Western science, creating high-performance products that are tailored and specific to your skin’s individual needs.

With love, La Dèa nourishes your skin at the deepest level. Carefully sourced, each product is meticulously formulated with pioneering ingredients and proven scientific research to deliver the essence of luminous skin.

An elevated experience, La Dèa embraces a holistic approach to skin and wellbeing that transcends skin care – it is a complete journey that fuses the Orient with the West; the mind and body with our spirit and emotions.


Our formulas are informed by centuries-old
beauty modalities and traditions that hail from the East,
all proven to boost your complexion and stimulate healing.




Your 30 days, 3-steps curated treatment to make your skin shine from inside-out.